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About Exelon Mouse

photo gallery of Exelon MouseThe Exelon Mouse is a fully-functional device that replaces a standard computer mouse. The main difference is that with the Exelon Mouse the user controls the mouse pointer with their mouth.

As a tool that supports communication, it ensures ergonomic interaction with computer making it a great solution for:

  1. photo gallery of Exelon MousePeople with cerebral palsy;
  2. People with progressive muscular dystrophy;
  3. People with quadriplegia;
  4. People with spinal cord injuries;
  5. People with paralysis;
  6. People with amputations;
  7. Other people that are not able to use traditional computer mouses.

This device is very intuitive and can be used right out of the box.

The movements of the mouse pointer on the screen are triggered by the respective movements of the mouthpiece. The left mouse click is rendered by sipping the air, while the right click is caused by puffing into the mouthpiece.

Additional features in Exelon Mouse offer numerous and flexible options that allow users to customize it to all their needs.

The Exelon Mouse does not require any drivers or additional applications and it is compatible with all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). After the USB cable is connected to a computer, the Exelon Mouse is instantaneously ready to go. No external power supply is required.